6 secrets of Strong chess players

Chess is a popular and popular game today. Considered a game of wisdom and without any danger, Chess quickly grabbed the players sympathy. To win the Chess is not easy to force players to equip themselves with certain knowledge and skills. Here are 5 tips for good chess players  help you entertain and earn money from this game.

1. All major forces must be deployed

Chess is composed of a lot of main units, players should know how to arrange to deploy them. Stage launch is the launch phase, layout team forces to prepare to attack or defend. This phase requires that both the Xe, the Phantom and the Maine must be mobilized quickly to gain advantage. Specifically, the two vehicles have to go out early to take the 2nd, 4th or 6th, 8th, and the firecrackers depending on the type of play layout in place to be ready to engage in attack or defensive response. For Code too, it should be deployed early to protect Good head, usually one at home defense, one ready to jump in conjunction with the other attack.

The troops who attacked before, the troops who wait to wait and the troops necessarily stay at home to defend must have plans. Not to be arbitrarily manipulated lung, not clearly defined task specific pieces of the ranks will soon disorder. When the game is planned, ie the troops are arranged in a combat formation, it will be easy to execute strategically.

2. Form a flexible disposition

Rapid deployment of the main force is to orchestrate a game with the requirement that all troops promote their functions. That is the flexibility of deployment or also called mobility. If you want to attack, then the conditions to link the troops to attack or need to be defensive, it is easy to switch to defensive, the left wing of the wing to meet each other. Or can switch this game to another game that still active or still hold the defense. In contrast to the flexibility of being blocked, blocked from range, the troop moves in a stifling situation.

3. Good use of the moves of Sy, Code, Statue

Sy, Code, Statue are the three flags of the Chess players should know how to promote them. If you want to be flexible, you must move to Good 3, 7 or Good Edge. The cars want to communicate, from the left to the left or vice versa, no hurry to Si. In some situations, such as Code Listing, Counter-attack code to play Thuan Phao or Pedestrians should not rush to Statue.

Need to recognize the Good move up to make the Code also flexible at the same time to control Good enemy that they can not up, stifling the code of them. Some tactics, sacrifices Good to take advantage of the advantage, especially when behind the fire, Good Forward through the threat of enemy code often take place. Good is a very special role: both as a defensive unit and as an assault force, so be very careful when going Good head. For Si, statues when not needed often miss the opportunity to launch troops, coordinate attacks, counter attacks.

4. Do not go to the military several times in the way

Opening is a race of mobilization, put the troops out of the battle. If we use only two or three troops, they must not have been mobilized and if the enemy launches a full attack, we will not have the force to deal with it. time

Experience shows that in the opening 10 or 12 countries we have to mobilize at least 6 – 7 different troops, if less then usually passive response.

5. When not deployed enough force, not attack

This principle is considered “the essay” of the above principles, because if only deployed a few troops that hurry to launch the attack is very dangerous. The enemy warriors will fully break down such an attack easily. Of course, in some cases, the enemy deployed loopholes, we can take advantage of the opportunity to open the attack with the purpose of causing losses or difficulties for the enemy.

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